Social media is a powerful tool often used to influence others – and not always for the good. Reports have surfaced across the country of school vandalism from students participating in the “devious lick” challenge circulating on TikTok.

As if teachers didn’t have enough to deal with as they navigate a new school year, the Slap a Teacher challenge has emerged. The challenge encourages students to calmly walk up to their teachers, slap them, and then run off – making sure the entire assault is captured on camera. TikTok is working to actively remove any videos of the challenge its users post to its site.

This new trend doesn’t appear to end anytime soon, as monthly challenges are already circulating online. Down the pipeline? Kiss your friend’s girlfriend at school, flashing in the hallway, jab a breast, vandalism of school signage, and making a mess in the school cafeteria/courtyard.

It is always important to remain vigilant of these types of “threats”. Consider reminding parents and students about the significant consequences if such conduct occurs on school grounds. The Ennis Britton team is here to help if your school needs assistance in implementing new or additional policies targeting this behavior.