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On the Call Podcast: MDR Exceptions

Was it Mrs. Peacock in the library with the candlestick? Sometimes dealing with the exceptions under a MDR can feel like playing a game of Clue. Jeremy and Erin help solve some of the mysteries when dealing with the three primary types of exceptions . They also...

On the Call Podcast: Parent Advocates

The addition of a parent advocate can quickly change the dynamic of IEP planning meetings from sweet to sour. Jeremy and Erin discuss the law surrounding  IEP team membership specifically defined under IDEA and how you do or don't define "expertise and specialized...

On the Call Podcast: MDR Complete. Now What?

Keep Calm and Just Keep Serving. Understanding the obligation to provide services after an MDR team decision is not always clear to all school employees. Erin and Jeremy discuss the "Black Letter Law" related to MDRs and what happens when MDR teams venture into the...

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