Its the time of year when boards of education begin preparing for their annual organizational meetings.  City, local, exempted village and JVS districts must hold their organizational meetings by January 15th.  Educational Service Centers have until January 31st.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you prepare for your organizational meeting. 

  • An organizational meeting is a regular meeting of the board of education.  There is no need to hold the organizational meeting separate from your regular board meeting.  
  • Any member of the board can call the organizational meeting to order.  Next, appoint a member to preside until the officers are elected.  The former president is always a good choice if he or she remains on the board.
  • Must elect a president and vice president, whose terms are for one year.  A majority vote of the full board is needed for election.  It is permissible for members to nominate and vote for themselves.  Once elected, the new president should preside over the remainder of the meeting.
  • Administration of the oath is only necessary for those who are beginning their term.  The treasurer, any current board member, an elected official whose office has jurisdiction over the territory of the school district (such as a mayor or city council member), a notary public and any member of the General Assembly can administer the oath.
  • Must establish the date and time for the regular meetings that are to be held throughout the remainder of the calendar year.  It is permissible for a board of education to later change the date of its meetings. However, regular meetings must be held at least once every two months.