On November 9, the United States Department of Education released a letter on military-connected children with disabilities. The letter highlights the additional challenges that families of military-connected children with disabilities may face due to frequent separation and disruptions in the continuity of IDEA services.

The letter additionally shared a list that the Department of Education created that combined resources from across the Federal government for parents and families of military-connected children with disabilities. The list includes several resources, such as the 2023 IDEA general supervision guidance, OSEP’s 2022 letter on education for highly mobile children, and guides from organizations such as the Military Child Education Coalition. The letter stated that this list offers a “clear explanation of the procedures every military-connected family with a child who is eligible for or receiving IDEA services should expect from the education system when they move from one jurisdiction to another.”

Finally, the letter noted that for military-connected children with disabilities, transitions are inevitable. Still, with the help of Expect, Engage, and Empower: Successful Transitions for All!, OSEP can provide resources for families facing the transition to adulthood.